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Spring Daniels
I need turkey feathers (plumage) in navy blue is there anyway you can get those? I really feel that your feathers are the best because so far all the feathers in the package are usable. I haven't had to throw any of them away for being all messed up or broken so ordering from you is what I would like to keep doing but I need navy blue turkey plumage feathers lol.
Tonga Christy
I wanted to know if you had any bulk brown or bronze color ostrich feathers, looking for large to XLarge. Thanks.
Ron Miller
What blend of goose down should be used to stuff a ski jacket? I have two that are filled with polyester filling and do not keep me warm while skiing. However, my goose down filled ski jacket keeps me warm even in the coldest of weather.
What a delightful surprise. The red feather wreath is even more beautiful than the picture. It is gorgeous. Now I want one for every season. Really nice work.
Just wanted to say thank you for your very quick response to my email question and very fast order. Again thank you very much!
Carla Fitzgeral
How long is shipping one you ordered a kit?
I have ordered from this site years ago and when all my stuff was stolen I had to replace stickers that are no longer in stores and this is the only place to buy them and I am so glad that I remembered this site because I love those mini smiley stickers from my childhood.
Ed Boldrey
I placed an order for a feather tree kit on Dec. 9 and have not received it. It says you are still shipping so was wondering what your time frame is. Thank you.
I am going to love making things for people to enjoy and smile. I love making things and writing too. I'm poor class so it's hard to make things at regular pace. I hope that you feel good again, thank you.
Maria Burgwin
Our antique living room sofa's down cushion was flat and needed to be stuffed with more down feathers. I purchased 3 1lb bags of Bulk Goose Down Feathers and after stuffing them into the cushion, our sofa looks like new!! Thank you! PS - I ordered 3 more
Diane Phillips
I am looking for praying hands stickers, preferably in a silver to put on hunter green pages. I thought I saw these on your page and now can't find them. They had a purple background, when I went to look for plain silver, I couldn't get back -- I have looked for nearly an hour trying to get back. I'm using a them of God will make a way and prayer is foremost in my focus. I would like 1.5"" size. Thank you for any assistance in this matter as I need these asap.
charlotter groves
Could you give the size of these vase covers? I need 6 in white by the 12th of January.
I LOVE everything about this wreath!
My package of goose down feathers arrived much faster than expected, even with the holidays approaching. I was pleasantly surprised and just wanted to say thank you.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent customer service! You literally have helped keep me in business on a few of my pieces by fast email responses and fulfilling my special requests! Thank you so much for everything!!
Thank you for being so responsive and helpful with my questions, top-notch customer service!
Got my plaque today! Love it! It sure was wrapped up good! I am mentoring a Habitat for Humanity soon-to-be home owner and the dedication is next Tuesday. Has been a great experience. Thanks! Donna
Mary Yetman
Just wanted to share one of the capes I make with your feathers! Thank you for the great quality products!
I received my stickers I love them.. thanks again for picking me. Jenny
Thank you for following through on my order and helping me to find something that worked. I appreciate your contacts and your immediate placement of my order. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Sharon
I received the stickers! Thank you very much. They are exactly what I needed. Thank you also for the fast service. I will keep your site on my favorites list.
Thought I'd show you what I did with all your feathers...{0: Thanks again!! Roberts Wings are Beautiful!
You guys are the greatest and glad to see that you are still in business.
Hi! I received my stickers (LOVE THEM) and am awaiting the remaining two pkgs of the colorful daisy (item 610) Thank you for letting me know that they were out of stock. In the meantime, I am ordering more. Thanks, Patti Stange

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