~ Privacy Online ~

Introduction – Your Privacy is Important to Us and We Have Taken Important Steps in Order to Keep Your Information Safe. To Begin With, in the Design Layout of This Website, We Have Opted Not to Receive Any Credit Card or Banking Information When You Place Your Order. In Fact, We Never See This Information Unless You Send it to Us Directly. Because We Use the Paypal Checkout System, All Private Information Other Then Your Name, Address, Email & Phone # is Kept With Them. We Feel that This is an Optimal Situation as They are Much Better Equipped Then We Could be Regarding the Safety of Private Information.

Collection of Data – All Data Collected is Only Used as Needed to Process & Ship Your Order. We do Not Use it to Rent, Sell, or Give Away in Any Form & Will Not Send Email Promotional Emails Unless You Specifically Request it by Signing Up for Our Newsletter. In the Event that a Hacker was Even Able to Compromise Our System, No Financial Information Would be Available to Them Whatsoever.

Protecting Your Privacy Online – is Your Personal Responsibility and Can Easily be Accomplished if You Follow these Helpful Guidelines. Think Smart When Placing Orders Online to Ensure Safe Transactions.

* Only Use Credit Cards Online from Companies that Promise Fraud Protection & Will Not Charge or Reimburse You for Acts of Theft.

* If Possible, Use Credit Cards that Have Smaller Limits. This Way, if Your Card Falls into the Wrong Hands, Their Actions Will Quickly End Once the Balance is Reached.

* Consider Signing Up for Lifeline or a Program Your Credit Card Company May Offer Where Transactions are Confirmed by Phone 1st.

* If You use Online Banking, Sign Up for Free Email Notifications to Receive an Email Every Time Your Bank Balance Changes. Some Banks Will do This for Withdrawals & Deposits too.

* Open an Account With Paypal to Use for All Online Transactions. This Way, You Receive the Extra Benefit of Not Giving Out Your Credit Card Info to Multiple Websites Plus You Receive Claim Protection in the Event that if You Do Have a Problem With a Product, Service, or Website, They Can Help You Correct it.

* Pay Special Attention to the Browser Address When Placing Your Order Online to be Sure it is Being Directed Correctly & Stays Secure. If Your Browser Shows an Error, Seems to be Being Misdirected or Acts Strangely, Close it Immediately & Either Retry Later or Check to Confirm that the Order Actually Really Did Go Through.

Be Especially Careful With Emails – Never Believe that Emails Sent from Banks or Financial Institutions are Legit. This is the Number One Way that Hackers Steal Customer Information Online. Remember, that These Emails Will Look Real too but the Actual Links will be Different and Will Redirect You to Another Website. If you are Tricked & They get Your Login Info, They Could Empty Your Bank Account(s) Before You Realize What’s Happening. To be Safe, Always Visit Your Banks Website Directly by Using Your Browser and Only Click on Links in an Email When You are Absolutely Sure it is From Your Bank.

No Guarantees – While this Privacy Policy Explains How We Receive & Use Your Data, it is Not All Inclusive. In the Future, There Could be Factors Beyond our Control that May Result in Disclosure of Data. As a Consequence, We Cannot Make Any Guarantee Other Then the Fact that if Our System is Ever Compromised, Your Information Retrieved Would be Minimal & Not Include Financial Information.